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Its Been Awhile

I haven’t been on here in so long. 

I haven’t wrote a poem in forever.

Haven’t dwell on my past or live any better,

but each day I get up and Thank God

for another day, another chance, and 

his unmerited favor. 

Until next time… Muah <3

R.i.P Soda gone way to early… Lord please bring peace

I had the most crazy surreal scary dream ever… It just felt so real… Oh my goodness

Dedication to the One <3 

Happy 7th Birthday to the most amazing little guy in the world
7 years ago today they told you wouldn’t make it
They tried to prepare us for the worst
I remember those tears in your mothers eyes
I remember the hurt of a anxious grandmother awaiting her first grandchild
Nope they were wrong, nope they were wrong
See I learned with you that man has no say so in God’s plan
When I look at you I see a miracle
Someone who was sent here to shake up our world
To force us to see into a different light
See you are smile of your maternal grandmother
The determination of your mother
The identical twin to your father
And the creativity of your maternal auntie
Your eyes are like big bright stars
And you smile shines as bright as the sun
You are our world
you are our heart
our everything
We love you Jay

I don’t want rushed love, wrong love, or fast love.
I want slow love, patient love, pure love.

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Never allow your fear to grow larger than your faith.

Jillian Michaels (via charlieandtheufo)

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Celebrate every relationship you have ever had .. For better or worse, our relationships are our best teachers

R.i.P Luther Vandross you were an amazing artist
#NowPlaying So Amazing

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